How I Work As A Recruitment Consultant | James MacDonald
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What I do


I like to think of myself as a connector of people.


I work as a recruitment consultant within the technology and digital recruitment industry. In short;

I find people for jobs.

I don’t find jobs for people.


My job is to add great people to existing businesses – these people often have rare skill sets, are in demand and can add extreme value to a team or organisation. Finding these people isn’t placing an advertisement on Seek and picking the best available talent at that point in time – it’s knowing the professionals in the market, drinking a lot of coffee to really get to know them, and then presenting the best fit to my client.


I don’t pretend to be an international recruitment brand and I don’t work with hundreds of different clients. I work with a small number of companies, and believe by being selective on who I work with provides me the opportunity to provide a greater level of service. I also have the backing of a national recruitment agency, NatRec ANZ, providing me the infrastructure to compete with large agencies on technology, payroll and legal support.


I don’t work with clients without meeting them. Whilst technology will continue to replace parts of the recruitment industry, I believe strong relationships whereby I really know an organisation and their culture will lead to continued success.


I hope this helps clarify what I do. If this sounds like the type of recruitment for you, or you’d like to work together, please call me on 0427 107 796 or email me at