How I Work As A Recruitment Consultant | James MacDonald
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What I do

Attract Top Talent

As a technology and digital recruiter, I find the right fit. My job is to add great people to existing businesses – these people often have rare skill sets, are in demand and can add extreme value to a team or organisation.


My marketing experience and ability to really get to know professionals in the industry allows me to find the perfect fit for candidate AND company. I understand the wants and needs of the talent pool and am able to help companies sell their benefits to the talent.

Every business deserves the pick of the pool.

I don’t pretend to be an international recruitment firm but instead I choose to work with a number of companies and provide a greater level of service. I meet with clients first. Whilst technology will continue to replace parts of the recruitment industry, it’s strong relationships and really getting to know an organisation and their culture that will lead to continued success.


If this sounds like the type of recruitment for you, or if you’d like to work together, let’s meet for coffee. Email or call me on 0427 107 796.