The Attracting Tech Talent Blog - James MacDonald
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The Attracting Tech Talent Blog

  • Ben Horowitz co-founded and served as president and chief executive officer of the enterprise software company Opsware, his book, 'The Hard Thing About Hard Things’ talks about the

  • The technology and digital markets are candidate short, meaning if you are a professional in these industries there is a very high chance you’ve been approached with multiple job o

  • Each day I meet people who are in the job market somewhere between; "I am extremely happy where I am and never leaving", or the other end of the spectrum “I’m out of a job and will

  • In life and business, I believe there is much to learn from those who’ve ‘been there, done that’. While they may be in a different field to that which you’re aspiring, their ide

  • To be clear, I’m not talking about the ‘four years ago when, after having our first child, I perfected operation: dad bod,  resulting in me being on first name basis with my local

  • Thanks for finding your way to my blog, a place where I share my thoughts and ramblings on recruitment / career / hiring / people. This first post is a tweaked version of my origin